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Caught in loops of cotton moss
Delighting my tongue
Angelic hands gently cup the puffy masses
Easily pulling them from their knotting
Deep within my throat
So used to the concealment, there is no pain
No fear from a lifetime of stuffing
As though completely normal
I choke and cough heating up,
Sweat dripping from my brow
As the last set of lighted hands reach deep within
The chasm of my mouth
I surrender
A final pull
The Angelic choir begins its joyous chants
As the final batting is removed from my throat
Freeing my voice
Freeing my words
Freeing my life

The word "no" seems to have little effect as Little Guy Oscar scratches and cleans his belly…his suckled breathing brings me back from sleep into the early morning hours. He scratches and preens and cleans. I call to him. He comes up to my face licking away, knowing I'm wanting more sleep. He moves to the bottom of the bed continuing his bedlam of preening noise. I call to him again. Again he showers me with kisses. Again I acquiesce. This time he moves to the floor continuing his mission impossible. Golden Kobi so far into the dream time hasn't moved an inch…then I see his eye slightly open…he's been keeping track of it all but remaining silent and calm…just waiting for the Little Guy to wear himself out. Which he does delighting me no end.

Ten minutes of silent ecstacy go by. Again with the scratching…but this time he stops short, frozen in wait…the early morning alarm is about to go off. Kobi's eyes remain open…he's silent but ready to jump up and move as soon as the alarm sounds it's Angelic choir…to me just noise…to the boys ecstasy…

My dream of cotton mouthed healing is now awaiting the alarm…and voila…it sounds…off we go for an early morning jont.