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Inalana Devi comes to earth as a prisonless prisoner on a mission to help integrate the many various intergalactic beings who are migrating to earth hoping to make it their home.

This will be a series of three books in the science fiction fantasy genre. Below is a tiny morsel for your pleasure. The hard work of writing begins in February…stay tuned!!!

A Very Long Journey…

Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough.  I came to be at a time when all other ways seemed meaningless.  And I spoke at a time when my thoughts could not be articulated with the grace that was necessary for others to receive my words.  I never cared much for mass consciousness and here I was thrust onto a planet where mass free-will consciousness ran rampant.  There is no thought that is allowed to be kept private, no emotion not felt by another in the same room.

I came understanding that there might be potential time-line consequences to the choices I was now making.  The ship was stuffy and everyone assumed I was captured not of my own freewill.  I laughed loudly on the inside when I thought of this.  I tricked them well I did.  And every time they stopped by my pen I would consider their words with great trepidation…ooooo…I would shiver letting them believe I was so afraid.  That is what they were looking to see; fear, trepidation, loathing, grief, rage.  They built their entire system of organic mechanisms on the negative thought patterns and emotions.  So to keep pleasant thoughts alive through the beatings and the intimidations must be held quietly, inside.  No smiling was ever allowed here on this ship.  Nor was acknowledgement of my brothers and sisters.  But most of these beings seemed to be suited to allowing themselves to fall from grace.

Our planet was so alive.  We carried so much joyful, loving energy everywhere we went.  And to be taken over so quickly, so voraciously, went against everything we knew.  We were easy to pick off one by one, cluster by cluster, group by group.  There was no way to get around the invasion but we knew we had a chance.  These villainous creatures were taking us to Tara and there we knew creativity and freewill reigned supreme. There it would be easy to bring in the energies of love and joy.  The earth bound beings birthed on this terrain would easily see through their creativity, that these new energies would be acceptable, harmonious, joyful within this realm.

I stood behind my bars laughing inside not showing any of the anticipation I felt.  As Torvald came by my cell, I pretended a ferocious scowl.  He was satisfied with this.  I wondered if that pretending was a form of creative expression.  Having never known creativity, I wondered how it might affect our people.  Would our energy systems be capable of integrating in with this understanding?  Would love be able to continue to sing in our hearts?

Everything seemed so normal before the invasion.  Not a moment before we were captured did we have the vaguest idea what was about to happen.  We sat as we usually did mid day, contemplating eternity’s grace.  How were we to know that purple skies could swallow us so completely whole?  How were we to know that this very experiment would exist once we welcomed these newcomers into our midst?