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It's not scary anymore…Golden Kobi and  Little Guy Oscar lay on the beach, panting away after a long round of ball. Kobi collapses between Ron and I while Oscar tests his independence, stretching his boundaries, laying down about ten feet away. Now eight months old he feels all grown up. The boys pant away then without a thought, Kobi rises to his feet focusing intently in on his ball…time for another round. Every moment is filled with presence, delight. I resist, bussying my mind with useless thoughts but then…the smell of surf and sand, the reflection of light off the shore's break, the sound of waves crashing, the nubby feel of sand on skin, the gentle early morning breeze caressing my face…each moment fills with sensory delight…I surrender picking up Golden Kobi's ball and throwing it as far as I can…he's upon it almost immediately…Little Guy Oscar has found another friend to play with…this time a girl dog of some mix…he's strutting his stuff…I look into my husband's eyes and smile…life's delight beckons as presence opens the gate.