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I sink to the depths as my full body emerges into the light of day. Golden Kobi lies on the cool tile in house protection mode…we are planning a move in a few weeks and Golden Kobi has initiated his job of field protection officer…ready to take on misplaced energy whenever needed. He slips in and out of his tasks without a whimper. In fact his duties become his pleasures. I descend the stairs sneaking past his sleeping being…don't misunderstand…he's on alert…just focusing on the unseen dimensions…I step over his body, gently, quietly…an eye opens ever so slightly then closes…a big sigh and he's back in the lighter dimensions taking on whatever energies need playful education…I wonder if Golden Kobi has a favorite ball he likes to play with? I suspect Kobi wouldn't go anywhere without a favorite ball…it would make tasks so much more pleasurable…:)