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Another night of sleepless wonder…Golden Kobi stretches across the bed, patiently waiting for lights out…as darkness descends, he chooses the cool wood floor…the night's air pressing silent, motionless, breathless…

Little Guy Oscar sleeps deep perhaps dreaming of the ultimate squirrel chase… his little feet race with no place to go…

Our Golden Boy stretches out long, moving his body this way and that…I can only imagine he must be dreaming of tummy love…

My boys patiently wait for me to enter the dream time but my mind races, my heart pounds, my breath quickens…Kobi lifts his head, seeing through my wakeful musings urges me once again to spill words onto the page…"write then you'll be able to sleep…fill your belly with your creative yearnings…and share the words"

Swooning into life’s reverie

I dip into the ocean of love

I cry in the seas of thunder

I laugh in the wilds of the night

I shine in the tenderness of tolerance

While soaring in the sea,

Dipping in the ocean

Beholding life



Holding blame in yesterday’s corner

I bounce on clouds of laughter

I dance in forest’s sweet meadows

I churn where understanding whispers

I snuggle in memories ablaze

While moments melt into yearning

Lifting out of shadows

Embracing light



Dancing an empty traveler's sonnet

I bleed life’s conditions

I bleed life’s time

I bleed life’s control

I bleed life’s desire

While the fire bleeds ashen snow

Collapsing in dawn’s delight

Surrendering knowledge

Empty full


Swirling infinite in tomorrow’s reverie

I beg for time borrowed in twilight

I crush the noose tightening with laughter

I swim through desert’s trembling

I embrace wild eyes imagined

While dreaming lies kindly whispered

Adoring a star studded midnight

Melting shadows

Empty full


Life remembered burns lullibies cold with synchopation

I stoke the blood fires scalding time’s march

I fill my belly with new-found memories

I chant the mantras blistering night’s trance

I submerge my being, my light, my body

Into the essence of love’s great chasm

And it is this, only this

Keeping me