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6:10 a.m. I watch as Little Guy Oscar sleeps. Golden Kobi lies by the front door in field protection mode…the tile is so sweet and cool. These moments of observation become my guilty pleasures "It's past time for my morning duties" my mind shouts. I watch Oscar sleep and can't help but be lulled into gentle morning contemplation. Oscar's breath is barely visible…he's risen up into the dream time…silently awakening into joy…simplicity is the lesson echoing through me…simplicity and quiet. We packed more this past week-end…our move approaching rapidly…sleep becomming a precious commodity for me…my tension filled brain in constant chatter preventing rest…each box I filled became increasingly laborious until finally napping through the day became my only choice. Guilt filled me as I laid on the couch…"I'm not accomplishing enough" rang through my overly active mind. Yet here lies Oscar peacefully napping the morning away…Kobi by the front door prepared for any intruder's approach yet still peacefully napping…their spirit's, their mind's free of clutterous nonsense. I merge into their consciousness…a settling expands from inside my solar plexus…my second brain usually anxiety filled slows into this moment, this delight…peace. Expanding into the present, my body quiets…fighting the urge to get up and take action…I turn to my sleeping paramores, breathing with them, settling in with their ease…suddenly a sound from beyond our home's perimeter…the boys head's bob up into immediate alert mode…nothing to worry over, their heads descend once again entering nap time…their ability to move effortlessly from one state of consciousness to another becomes my morning teaching…time to rise into the day's activities…Monday morning looms…yet now with the quiet dance of presence…each moment becoming pleasure-filled.