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10:44 p.m. on the nose…I lay sleepless with eyes fading inward…voices and traffic from the street below loom, lulling me into blissful rest. Kobi lies next to me sleeping soundly. Oscar still fits under the bed. He loves to cave. Ron sleeps soundly lying on the edge of the bed with barely enough room. Kobi has absconded with his sleeping space. All my boys love the bed…whether on top or below it's their cave, their home base…who am I in this tale of sleepomg splendor?…the stillness of the night keeps a peaceful watch over us…and I awaken to my role…mistress of the cave, in constant motion reinventing…visions and dreams circle the bed as I place furniture thoughout our new home yet to be moved into…only days away now…quiet your mind Kristina. Little Guy Oscar skooches his way out from under the bed…he spies a small piece of property between Ron's legs on the far edge of the mattress…taking a moment to navigate it's possibilities he decides no…he'd rather stay on the cool tile…so he dives down once again into the below the bed boudier…my eyes thicken with sleepy fairy dust…time to stretch out and as though on cue Golden Kobi stretches out long with a sigh creating a domino of sighing breath from my beloved man…I am blessed beyond measure…11:14 on the nose…"good-night my paramours, my loves"…sweet dreams to us all.