Kristina Sanborn

Kristina Sanborn

There are four things in life that inspire Kristina in an ever deepening way…her married life, her spiritual life, her creative life, and her dogs.

She brought her first dog home from Bible Camp when she was a mere six years old.  Her Mom wasn’t thrilled but couldn’t refuse her and Kristina has always contended that her Mom had a soft spot for animals just like she did. The name of her dog was Raindrop and she lived to be seventeen years old.

After the adoption of Raindrop, Kristina opened a humane society in her backyard where she had a wonderful playhouse that became a haven for lost pets.  She and her friends almost always found the lost pet’s homes and when she couldn’t, she would find them new homes…mostly with her or with her Dad’s family.

Every once in a while Kristina would call her Mom at work and would say with a particular lilt in her voice “Oh Mah…am”.  And her Mom would know…there was another dog in the backyard.

“Sipping Tea With Golden Kobi…” is the perfect blending for all of Kristina’s loves.  First, she is writing about her dogs and dogs are one of the four things in life that inspire her…her doggie life fulfilled. Second, she and her husband Ron love and care for their current brood as though they were their children…her married life fulfilled. Third, every day after a nice hot cup of heavily honeyed tea, the brood meditates together…her spiritual life fulfilled. And finally she is writing the book “Sipping Tea…”…her creative life fulfilled, fulfilled, fulfilled!!!
Life is very fulfilling when you just follow your bliss…and for Kobi that’s having Kristina finish this bio and get him a cookie…so off she goes…