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I imagine Golden Kobi sleeping beside my beloved husband as I awaken to the dawn on the east coast.  My mind twirling with fresh mana.  But as always I hear my beloved Golden Boy's resonant call encouraging me to write the words…and let them sing from my soul…

I sat at the feet of the mother
Waiting for an answer
None came
I sounded the call
Mantras wrestling in my ears
But was left empty, alone
I dove deeper, swam harder
No one paid attention
I scratched, clawed, pushed, shoved
There was no one watching
I pierced the veil of emptiness
Struggling to survive
Struggling for light
For breath
I ran, climbed, crawled
Collapsing at last
Surrendering expectation
I laid down the body

The sky opened
Brilliant colors
The deepest blues, brightest greens, vibrant reds
I yielded into Ma's infinite space
Exhaustion emptied my heart
Resistance was but a memory to claim
Stars sprinkled the midnight void
I rose up, dancing in the womb
As choirs of angels caressed my soul
Breathing deep
Breathing full
Memories had no meaning
As visions filled my heart
My soul
My womb
My mind
Ecstasy loomed eminent
And I took flight
Soaring into the vastness