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Today I muse over poetic words…Golden Kobi lays by my side while I add songs to my iTune play list…pleasuring sound, expression and my gentle giant Golden Boy…what could be better?

I opened my heart to you and you swept in
There was no waiting, no question
Nothing but the dance
Whispering through my soul
I swooned
Yielding to your embrace

Dipping my toe into your domain
Fear gripped my soul
Motion, change, decay
Fury washed through my being
Fragmenting my womb
While burnt waters touched down lightly
Ceasing all motion

I surrendered to the dark
Yet stars shone through sprinkling lifeblood
Floating in rose's sweet essence
Surrendering even devotion
I melted in you presence
Merging into your light
My breath

Daughter, Sister, Friend, Scribe, Lover, Wife, Teacher, Healer