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Golden Kobi lays across the floor sleeping tenderly, completely surrendered yet still protecting his tennis ball in the crook of his neck…Little Guy Oscar moves from his favorite place on the couch to the Spanish-tiled hearth of the fireplace.  He collapses with a clud immediately falling into dreams aplenty.

It's midday, we're up in Idyllwild for the week-end and I couldn't think of a better place to lay down my head and enter the dream time.  Yet thoughts still churn away leaving me with little sleep.  I watch as Kobi and Oscar so easily slip into gentle nap time. I yearn for their facility…  

Time has a way of folding in on itself.  At first we believe we have all the time in the world and before we know it we're doing our damndest to run backwards hoping to catch just a glimpse of yesterday's glories.  But running backwards we loose consciousness, we compromise grace, we forget the wisdom we so diligently gained through life experience.  As I step forward into my future I discover compassion and love, I play with anticipation, and breath in every moment of life.  I dance and breath, celebrate and wonder…

What would happen if I lived in the future rather than the past?…If I stepped into the giant being I know I am?…Breathing life into tomorrow and pulling it into today while leaving behind yesterday? Only essence from the past would join me in the future…joy, wisdom, love, compassion…all this and more from the simple act of living, of being…of experiencing this…now…this thing we call "life"…

I watch as Kobi's whiskers, his handlebar moustache twitch, each side of his face moving completely independent from one another, suggesting his dream is one of pure curiosity…

Kobi awakens suddenly, ears perked, eyes focused on the porch just past the screen door…a squirrel sits beyond Kobi's reach, wringing his little paws, twitching his own whiskers…he looks square into Kobi's eyes…there is no fear…he knows there's a tree within a foot or so and he'll be up and gone before Kobi can get the screen door opened…He makes that scriggly squirrel noise, challenging Kobi to a dual….

In a flash Kobi is up, raming through the screen door but the squirrel is already up and gone, ascending the great pine anchored just past the porch.  The adventure came and went in a flash…the little drama played itself out completely in the present…

Present time so easy to muse but so challenging to live in…yet pure joy when we're in it.

I dream of tender lives
Where stories traverse the gateways of light
I suckle, scream, demand more
Creeping past this side of midnight
Where wombs careen, cajole, ring out
Tears caress my face
Echoing sonnets yet to be heard
I open my arms in this void of silence
Creeping past wounds from another time
I lay down yesterday
Fables, impressions step light
Gently remembering the night
Holding caution delicately hidden
While moons circle wide
Beaming across the sky

Light enters my heart and the world becons me into her embrace…becons me into now…