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Kobi and Oscar both laid on their backs sleeping soundly surrendered…I found myself sleepless turning to face Kobi, his eyes opened soulfully…"Write the words or you'll never find sleep"…he sighed turning over into his own dream time and I now spending the night with poetry ringing through my mind, surrendered to the call…

Footsteps sing in summer time pleasure
Crooning notes of anytime leisure
Angel songs louden as roses bloom sweetly
And flowers emerge as winds bow down meekly
I traveled my pain too long to remember
When skies grew bright in heart’s soft surrender
Emerging as chrysalis bending to meet
The tales of woe now too long to repeat
I sail the winds and float in the sea
And separate time once storied to be

Mind wanders craving a soul full of history
Then captures thoughts shouting sweet in life’s mystery
Now bowing down low to my Sisters of pleasure
Blessing their wisdom mirrored in measure
Whatever the time, whatever the season
I find myself twirling without mind, without reason
Pleasure soothes every cell breathing lightly
While innocence skips new tales burning brightly
I stand still wandering silent steps in a-tending
While breathing in passion’s sweet season a-bending
A circular theme birthing life full of meaning
Worships in forests wild thick in the gleaming

Still lifting my spirit in sleepless surrender
I wander the cosmos creating more splendor
Shifting and turning, restless dreams do I wander in
I bend lightly seeking the answers I ponder in
Shall ever I know peace within diving deeply?
Or will I forever be dreaming so meekly?
It matters not in life’s light filled with reason
As long as we dance to Mother Earth’s season
I follow time’s worship-filled, thought-filled renditions
While angelic choirs serenade life’s conditions
Follow the path, follow the gleaming
Follow only the light revealing all of its meaning

Divinity screams, life breaths songs soft surrounding
While heart-mind nourish each moment astounding
Traveling light years to Gaia’s pure course
Binding then lightening each element’s source
The chorus of Souls tone to open the gate
Emerging and swirling, gently stroking their fate
Angels alight half remembered in sounding
Dancing their passion-filled sweetness a-bounding
Madness looms lightly chanting mantras aplenty
While Goddess filled dreams whisper bijas so gently
Enchanting the heart filled with song so delightful
My womb brightens rich with each luscious trifle

I dream, I delight, I breath it all in
While visions and morning arrive from the din
I once tried to stop but my fingers soared senseless
And now that I know restless dreams are relentless
Creation churns caldrons, devastation fills the void
Each note returns now ever-flowing destroyed
Churning deeply within droning full sorrow’s bend
Death fills trapped light where hearts still pretend
Throwing off reason, throwing down every mantel
Drowns bright fire’s ash with each elemental
Thunder pours cosmic rains bright with light’s fury
And offers the dream half filled tight with night’s worry

But now as dawn looms so lightly singing
I surrender to songs of karma still ringing
I bury my head hoping logic escapes me
And open my heart to morning’s light tasty
As sunrise utters celestial music imploding
Ocean waves crash sending winged light exploding
I swirl, I swoon, I warble in the heightening
While soothing the wounds of past memories tightening
I soar on air’s wings plunging down to earth’s mystery
Skipping and dancing, running tender earth’s her-story
Cracking wide open I enter full anointment
Surrendered in grace savoring sweet life’s enjoyment