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I swoon, crying for sleep to bring me into my dreams..Golden Kobi snuggles against my leg, breathing, slowly, deeply, fully…"write" I hear him croon…"write the words then the pillow will call your name"…I write and write and nothing comes…until a moment reaches into my heart and the river flows…

The heart’s churning, sun wise burning starlit evening’s light
Breathes yoni’s yearning, mantra curing, love worn moon’s respite
Crystal colored wails scream out in body trembling lies
Breathing in silken veils of Mother’s blood let cries
But when the odyssey is broken
The poet’s words become unspoken
As a begotten beggar’s silent shouts
Command dawn’s ancient Oms sing out
While shadows teach the ancient meaning
Of dancing in dawn’s sunlight gleaming

Golden Kobi snores gently calling out my pillow's name…time for sleep. Blessings and Love…