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Sometimes words fill my mind and I can't shake them…mostly when this happens I move on, blocking the flow…I am working to change that, to take a spare moment and turn it into thoughtful presence…I wanted to block this one…stop it…then just as I was preparing to turn off the computer, Golden Kobi runs up the stairs, paws my lap, kisses my hand…it becomes perfectly clear what my next move must be…take the risk to share…

Icicles frame every window

Closed doors swallow rooms whole and wide

Creation breeds weary travelers 

While roses bloom sweetening the divide

Precious dreams ramble dancing in moonscapes

Countless souls whisper weeping all the while

Worship chokes scriptures as shadow's sunlight

Forms weary footsteps trudging mile after mile

I shake wanting more from love's yearnings

I prey when all seasons pass me by

I wander and weep and tread lightly

When all that I desire is to cry