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Planetary Expeditions

Posted on Feb 26 by

Inalana Devi comes to earth as a prisonless prisoner on a mission to help integrate the many various intergalactic beings who are migrating to earth hoping to make it their...


Sipping Tea with Golden Kobi

Posted on Jan 24 by

Life Lessons I am learning through my Golden Retriever Kobi…along with his side kick Little Guy Oscar…and introducing the now infamous Lita…   This project began as a...


Fuzzy Days

Posted on Feb 23 by

We call them fuzzy days…the kind of day where you don’t get up ’til after noon, eat all your food in bed, and never bath before 3:30…or perhaps not at...


Zen Circling Duo

Posted on Feb 16 by

Rain poured down…I closed the car door behind me…in an instant I was soaked.  The boys were already barking and howling their greeting…”Mom you’re...


Faith, Grace, Surrender, Love

Posted on Feb 4 by

Golden Kobi lies in wait.  Centered in the front entryway knowing beyond all knowing his Dad will soon be home.  How he can tell time is beyond me but somehow when the clock...


Muddy Paws

Posted on Jan 1 by

Fog…every morning, lots and lots of fog…weird time of year for it but there it is…thick, dripping, volumness fog… Our usual early morning ritual…4:00...